Clinical Values


Speak the truth even when it's hard

At the heart of recovery is honesty. At Salaam Recovery, we invite openness, encourage vulnerability, and require honesty, especially with one’s self, as critical parts of recovery.

Muslim Values

Created for Muslims, open to all

We are a safe place for Muslims and other minority communities to recover from their mental health struggles. Our staff are Muslims and experts in providing culturally and religiously sensitive treatment.


Inform and enable healthy living

We believe one cannot recover from addiction and mental health disorders without proper knowledge of these disorders,  and we aim to educate clients and the  community about these illnesses.


Support from peers and mentors

Community bonds and connection is a crucial part of healing and Salaam Recovery facilitates such recovery.


Highest standard of confidentiality

Everything that is said in any Salaam Recovery treatment session stays in that session. We enforce confidentiality to the fullest extent and abide by Illinois State Law and HIPAA standards.

premier addiction and mental health treatment program

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