Services spanning a wide range of clinical acuity, providing the right level of care based on the clients needs. Note, in the event of a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.


Outpatient Therapy:

Outpatient therapy with specialized addiction therapist in individual or group settings. Clients live at home and attend a mix of individual, group and family outpatient therapy, based on clinical need.

  • Process Group Therapy – Clients meet in a confidential group setting where multiple perspectives are shared, mutual support is received, and feedback is offered from peers and a therapist.
  • Family Therapy – Families meet together with the therapist to help the client and their loved ones identify barriers, improve communication, and resolve conflict.
  • Multi-Family Group Therapy – A space where families connect, share, and process through challenges. This group runs similarly to a process group, where support, encouragement, feedback, and perspectives are shared in a safe and confidential setting. 


Intensive Outpatient (“IOP”)

Day-program designed for clients needing more structure and support. Clients live at home and attend the day program at the SR facility.

Partial Hospitalization (“PHP”)

Day program that is more clinically intensive than IOP. Clients live at home and attend day program at the SR facility.

Medical Detox

Hospital-level treatment for clients to undergo the clinical drug detoxification and withdrawal process.

Residential Treatment

Full-service residential addiction rehabilitation program where clients reside at SR facility full-time and receive 24/7 care and support.

Nutrition and Wellness

Clients work with a dietician to improve their overall health and wellbeing by adjusting their diets.

Physical therapy and personal training

Clients work with physical therapists and personal trainers to nurture their physical selves back to health and wellness.

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